Tony Dungy says Cowboys roster can be re-tooled, doesn't need re-build


DALLAS (105.3 The Fan) - Former Super Bowl-winning coach Tony Dungy joined Shan and RJ Friday morning on 105.3 The Fan.

Dungy discussed the anonymous player report that rocked the Cowboys locker room, if the Cowboys should undergo a re-build, and much more.

Here is one of the highlights:

Is this a re-tool or a tear down and rebuild roster?

"No, it's really a re-tool. To me, they got two problems. Number one, there offensive line was always a strength, that's always what the offense was built around. That offensive line is banged up, so they got to re-tool that and get that back, and I think they can.

"Defensively, it's a cultural change and it's a schematic shift. You got to let that happen and you got to start getting those players in that fit coach Nolan's system. That was a philosophical change that you decided to make, and it's going to take some tweaking. They're not far away."

Listen to the interview below.