Jerry Jones expects NFL to add 17th regular season game in 2021


DALLAS (105.3 The Fan) - Cowboys owner Jerry Jones believes the NFL will add a 17th game to the regular season beginning in 2021, despite owners delaying the decision on Wednesday.

"We play 20 games a year before we get to the playoffs (4 preseason, 16 regular season). We've agreed with the players and the Players Association that we would increase the 16 to 17 games. ... I could see lessening by a game every other year, and increasing the regular season by a game."

To clarify Jones' statement, he indicated that the thought right now amongst the owners is to cut the preseason from four games to three games. Under the prospective plan, all teams who are scheduled one home game and two road games in 2021 would get two home games and one road game the following year.

It's expected that the same plan would be put into place for the regular season, as each team who is scheduled eight home games and nine road games in 2021 would get nine home games and eight road games in 2022.

Jones was asked if he believes the plan will ultimately get the approval from the league's owners.

"I do. My personal opinion is that it will. Now, we didn't agree to it the other day at our meeting. But we've agreed to look at it and do it. We got it in our (new) collective bargaining agreement (to do it)."

And why didn't the owners come to an agreement on the expanded schedule, already?

"(We) didn't need to. We've got several meetings ahead in the offseason, and it just wasn't something we had to address. We wanted (everyone) to think about it more, and to think about if there are any nuances we could add to it. You'd be surprised (what you could come up with) when you invite the prospective from 32 teams."