Jerry Jones On Tyrone Crawford: 'You Saw What He Did In Florida, He's A Bad Boy'


DALLAS (105.3 The Fan) - It isn't Cowboys season until owner Jerry Jones comes on 105.3 The Fan, and he did just that on Friday morning.

Jones discussed a number of things, including the Cowboys defensive line, having fans in the stands, and much more.

One of the things that jumped out from Jones' interview were his comments on the Cowboys defensive line, in particular, Tyrone Crawford.

"(Aldon) Smith speaks for himself. You guys have noted him and if you hadn't you (should) read up on him. But let me say this, he looks like he's ready to line up against the Giants, or against the Rams.

"But of course our own that we know well, Lawrence, Griffen ... I've been able to freshen up on him, talked to him just right before practice today. But the guy that I'd note is (Tyrone) Crawford. Crawford is, we know what is in his heart. You saw him down in Florida. He's a bad boy. He's who you want on your side now. Boy, he looks on the edge here and looks excited about the makeup of his defensive group."

Jones, of course, is referring to the Florida bar brawl Crawford was involved in in March, 2019.

In footage obtained by TMZ, Crawford was seen throwing haymakers at other bar patrons. The NFL never disciplined the 30-year-old for the incident, but he ended up missing 12 games last season because of a hip injury.