What Dak Prescott wants from Cowboys (including 'respect')


FRISCO (105.3 The Fan) - The Dallas Cowboys believe their two-years-worth of contract offers to Dak Prescott have been all about “respect.”

Dak’s side now wants something more: “Respect” in the form of a new proposal that would put his salary “right behind” that of two-time Super Bowl QB Patrick Mahomes.

Prescott is “looking to be paid right behind Patrick Mahomes, a guy who’s gone to the Super Bowl two years in a row,” NFL Network’s Jane Slater said on the Dan Patrick Show.

Added Slater: “(The Cowboys) feel like it’s been a respectable offer,” also noting that Dak’s side, repped by agent Todd France feels Dallas’ ''(cap) problems with money aren’t our problems; it’s about respect.'”

We can confirm the Joneses’ view on their series of offers. Two years ago, their offered APY was $30 million; COO Stephen Jones told us that represented “top-five QB money.”

And last year, as we reported at the time, Dallas upped its APY offer to $35 million. The Cowboys felt it was competitive.

Instead, Prescott played under the franchise tag and made $31.4 million. He could do the same in 2021 and make $37.7 million.

Chiefs star Mahomes is the gold standard at the position and at the pay window, too, as his long-term deal averages $45 million per year. Based on Slater’s report, the “respect” Prescott is requesting from the Cowboys would make him the second-highest-paid player at the position, in the NFL and in the history of football.

Featured Image Photo Credit: USA Today Images