Eagles head coach has rough introductory press conference


DALLAS (105.3 The Fan) - The Philadelphia Eagles introduced their new head coach, Nick Sirianni, on Friday. And let's just say, he didn't make the greatest first impression.

Sirianni took questions from reporters after a rather lengthy introduction from Eagles owner, Jeffrey Laurie. Things were going well until he started to talk about systems. And that's where things went sideways.

“Next thing that’s very important to me is that we build a smart football team. That we have a smart football team here, and I know we have the people in place to do that. The first part of being smart is knowing what to do. We’re going to…we’re going to know…we’re going to have systems in place that are easier to learn. Alright, complicated to the defense or offense that they’re going against, or the special teams group they’re going against, but easy for us to learn. Because when we can learn our system, and we can get good at our system, then our talent can take over.”

Making matters worse for Sirianni was the fact that prior to this unfortunate fumbling of words, Laurie ranted and raved about how excellent of a communicator he is...

We're assuming that Sirianni is just fine at communicating, or else he wouldn't have been able to get the job. But we couldn't bypass an opportunity to have some fun at their new coach's expense.

Coach Sirianni, embarrassing moments at the podium can happen to anyone. Just ask former Cowboys defensive coordinator Mike Nolan.