J.J. Watt ‘angry’ about another Texans loss: 'Don't know what else I'm supposed to feel'


HOUSTON (SportsRadio 610) -- J.J. Watt does not want to be here.

Not at 1-6 in his 10th season.

Not answering questions about chasing around Aaron Rodgers unsuccessfully, or whether the Texans’ losing their top corner opened the door for a dominant passing game by Rodgers and Davante Adams.

Watt has no interest in this experiment.

“Frustrated. I'm angry,” Watt said after Sunday’s 35-20 loss to the Packers. “I mean, it sucks. I don't know. Yeah. I don't know what else I'm supposed to feel.”

The Texans’ defense gave up five touchdowns to the Packers. Four of those were touchdown passes by Rodgers, two of which went to Davante Adams, who had a career-high 196 receiving yards.

Watt, for his part, had five tackles (four solo) and two tackles for loss.

Watt’s play has been one of the few bright spots on this Texans defense.

Until a move is made, or the trade deadline passes, Watt’s immediate future with this team will be under constant speculation.

Watt, 31, has no more guaranteed money left on his contract and is one of the most valuable trade pieces on a team void of draft capital.

The Texans are on their bye week, with the Nov. 3 trade deadline around the corner when they get back to work.

As safety Michael Thomas pointed out Sunday, every player has to be under evaluation when things are going this poorly.

That evaluation has to include whether the Texans, in context, have gotten the most out of Watt for what he’s worth to a bad football team.