Rangers GM Chris Young on the club's offseason plans


DALLAS (105.3 The Fan) - With 20 games left to play, the Rangers are on pace to have one of their worst seasons in franchise history. But fear not, Rangers fans, because help is on the way.

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Rangers general manager Chris Young was asked Monday about the organization's plans for the coming offseason, particularly about how the club plans to court big-ticket free agents after having one of the worst records in baseball the last two seasons.

"I certainly hope it's not a long shot. I don't view it as a long shot," Young said on the GBag Nation in response to a question about how he would qualify the team's chances of acquiring talent. "I expect us to be very active in the free-agent market. Over the next few weeks (we're) going to assess our direction, our needs, and how we see this playing out over the next several seasons. ... I think it's a strong free-agent market, and I'm excited for the Rangers to participate in it, and we expect to be very active. And I think this is going to become a very desirable destination for players to come (to). Our hope is to create a winning environment that other players see and want to be a part of. I believe in it and we'll continue to build (the roster) with the right players that fit what we're doing."

Young's comments echo the ones he made to the media last month when he last spoke about the club's plans this winter. You can read more below.