Friday Night Flashback 1975

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This week we're going back to 1975 for the Friday Night Flashback, with host Amber Star.
That was the year we all became afraid to go into the water--as Jaws was the big movie at the box office, along with other films like One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and Dog Day Afternoon.
On TV, we were introduced to the Not Ready for Prime Time Players as Saturday Night Live debuted with its first guest host, George Carlin. Other new TV shows included Starsky & Hutch and Welcome Back Kotter!
All the cool kids were wearing hip huggers and bell bottoms, while their dads probably picked up a leisure suit, with all that polyester goodness. And we probably spent some of our hard-earned allowance on pet rocks and mood rings.
What music were we listening to on our 8 track tapes? Tune in to 105.5 Triple M Friday night at 10 to find out! Thanks to Funk's Pub In Fitchburg. Feel the vibe.

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