Fillipponi rips NFL's 'atrocious' primetime scheduling: 'Exercise the flex!'

Why Ravens-Browns should have been flexed

The country was enthralled on Sunday night watching Zach Wilson and Aidan O'Connell face off in a Sunday Night Football matchup for the ages. The Jets and Raiders combined for just one touchdown in a 16-12 win for Las Vegas.

Meanwhile, there were a handful of entertaining games throughout the day that didn’t get the attention they deserved due to the NFL’s lack of flex scheduling.

Andrew Fillipponi of the Audacy original podcast “1st & Pod” ripped the NFL for its lack of flex scheduling after yet another pitiful primetime matchup on Sunday night.

“What an atrocious job by the NFL in their flex schedule that they just sold out to the idea that it was the New York market and stuck us with the Jets and Raiders tonight because they knew having New York on in primetime was good for them,” Fillipponi said (19:45 in player above). “Come on. There were three or four games, including (Chargers - Lions). Ravens and Browns, which was not a protected game today, that could’ve been flexed in. Just awful.”

The Lions and Chargers facing off in Los Angeles was clearly going to be an entertaining game.

“It had the highest total of the day. We said it on Thursday that other than Jags and 49ers this was the best game on paper in the NFL,” Filliponi continued. “This game lived up to that billing and instead we got to watch a field-goal fest and two green quarterbacks play in primetime in a standalone spot. Just awful. And next week they’re doing the same thing!”

The Vikings and Broncos are slated to face off next Sunday night in Denver. While Minnesota has a decent storyline with Josh Dobbs coming out of nowhere, the Broncos aren't as exciting.

“Come on, NFL,” Fillipponi exclaimed. “Wake up here with these Sunday night games that they’re forcing us with. Exercise the flex!”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Steve Marcus/Getty Images