Exec. Director Of NFLPA Demaurice Smith Joins Inside Access

Demaurice Smith
Demaurice Smith Photo credit John David Mercer

It is Conference Championship week in the NFL and we are giving you the inside access all week to the NFL Playoffs. Demaurice Smith, who’s the Executive Director of the NFLPA joined Inside Access today to talk about the league being able to make it to this point in the season and hopefully beyond.

Demaurice joined Jason and Ken to talk about everything that went into making this season possible, how important it was to his career to make this season happen and what he thinks were some of the contributing factors to making the NFLPA and owner negotiations go smoothly in 2020 ahead of this season. Demaurice told the guys that making this season a success was maybe his biggest accomplishment to this point in his career, as well as the most challenging. Demaurice credits past negotiations with the league as to why their negotiations heading into the 2020 season went so smoothly.

The NFL is scheduled to have their conference championships this weekend and the Super Bowl on February 7th, 2021.