Tom Brady explains moment with son immediately following NFC Championship win


Immediately following the Buccaneers' 31-26 win over the Packers at Lambeau Field in the NFC Championship Game, Tom Brady raced over the to the stands.

No, it wasn't to celebrate with the few Tampa fans in attendance, it was to see his son Jack, who was able to make it to the game.

FOX cameras caught Brady saying, "Can I say hi to my son?"

Speaking with Jim Gray afterwards, Brady explained how that special moment came to be.

“Oh man, he’s such a trooper,” Brady said. “A good friend of mine, my friend Tom Wagner, was flying to the game and he said, ‘I wonder if Jack can come. We’ll be in and out the same day.’ And Jack was all in. He came and watched, sitting out in the freezing cold and was just so happy at the end. It just made — you can’t (ask for) any better for a dad than that.

“He’s a special kid. I love my family. Obviously, I love my team, and there’s just no greater feeling than to spend those moments with all of us together after a great win.”

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