San Juan Island is just the best

It takes a lot of effort to get there, but it sure feels worth it.
A ferry arrives at Friday Harbor, WA
A ferry arrives at Friday Harbor, WA Photo credit by Gregr

After a rough start to 2021 and the consecutive Friday birthdays of my me and my wife, she planned a quick getaway to a cabin on San Juan Island and it's just what this old bag o' bones needed. We set up camp (literally no camping involved) at a rad little place called Snug Harbor resort - off season pricing and bringing Nana made this affordable - and spent a few lovely days enjoying a slower life in the beauty of no cell phone service.

Snug Harbor cabin.
Snug Harbor is just breath taking and these little cabins made things super easy. Photo credit by Gregr
Snug Harbor Resort
Snug Harbor Resort Photo credit by Gregr

You can stay in a small place in the port village of Friday Harbor, or travel to an Airbnb with 20 minutes no matter which direction you travel. They have a small airstrip, too, if you're feeling fancy. Friday Harbor has a ton of cool stuff: grocery stores, a small theater, restaurants and bars, a fish n' chips place where the guy will be a jerk to you, and more. Lot of that was restricted because of the pandemic, but hopefully will be there next time. Also, Crows Nest Coffee Shop serves my favorite Vivace coffee, so that's a bonus.

Lime Kiln Point rocky shores
The occasional big splash as the tide was headed out, I bet this place is bonkers during King Tides. Photo credit by Gregr

While we didn't spend much time in town, we did do a lot of walking and goofing off with our 3-year-old. The best spot on the trip was Lime Kiln Point State Park with some signature Washington coastline and incredible waves. I bet the King Tides would be amazing to watch here. We thought we were done before coming around the bend to see such an incredible sight.

The lighthouse at Lime Kiln State Park
The lighthouse at Lime Kiln State Park Photo credit by Gregr

We spent hours playing and running around, looking for seals, and managing toddler tantrums - somehow all of it just seems better this far away from the city and its urban/suburban problems.

There's a ton more to investigate on the island from English Camp, to Roche Harbor, to the sculpture park, to hikes and views up Mount Grant. It's a superb getaway from some mainland problems, but just remember that the people who live here don't want our problems either. I'm sure the business is good to have back after the last year of troubles though it was still pretty sparse in winter.

Gregr on some rocks.
Just me, Gregr, standing around being awed on some rocks!
The lighthouse at Lime Kiln State Park
The lighthouse at Lime Kiln State Park Photo credit by Gregr