Don't miss our special interview and performance with Cold War Kids

Recorded live at the Helpful Honda Sound Space in Los Angeles

In case you missed it, Audacy is proud to present a special performance and interview with Cold War Kids, recorded in the Helpful Honda Sound Space at the World Famous KROQ in Los Angeles.

LISTEN NOW: Cold War Kids in the Helpful Honda Sound Space

Bandmates and lifelong friends Nathan Willet and Matt Maust chatted with Nicole Alvarez about their shows, the latest album release, and just how much the band has grown. Reflecting on their near 20 year career, the two had some pointed advice for their younger selves. “Don’t turn down the Coldplay tour” Matt said plainly, the crowd laughing in response. “Don’t turn down the Oasis tour” Nathan added, which turned some laughs to winces. “It hurts, right? I felt that too. We made dumb choices!”

Clearly not all their decisions were mistakes, as the band released their 10th album, aptly named Cold War Kids, just last week. The 11-song album is a refreshing and original take on Alternative Rock, which calls back to and cultivates their classic CWK sound. Singles “Run Away With Me” and “Double Life” are upbeat with an easy groove, leaving it up to the listener to nod their head or full-body dance along.

As the singer and guitarist, Willet said that the album was intended to leave the struggles of the pandemic in the past, yet still remain authentic to their experiences. “A lot of artists that I’m a fan of released very serious and minimal work during that time” said Willet. “My reaction to that was very… ugh. I don’t want to make a really sad and small record, but I want it to still reflect the moment and be true.” Thus, the latest album perfectly reflects the “wild abandon” that they had intended.

And though the Cold War Kids are 10 albums deep into their career, they remain deeply appreciative and continue to grow. “I’m just so grateful that we still get to do this, because we learn to ‘say what you want’ and just go for it and don’t apologize” Willet reflected. “And I think for so long we were sort of, just little guys, a little nervous to say what we wanted and get what we wanted.” And though they’ve learned to be more outspoken, Willett continued on to say that aggression, “isn’t in our nature.”

“We just never responded to that energy, and in a lot of ways, it comes back to our story. I think we’re fans of music first.”
Check out the video above for the full interview with Nicole Alvarez and Cold War Kids, including a phenomenal 10-song performance.

Don't miss Cold War Kids full 10 song performance and interview with Nicole Alvarez above, and stay tuned for more action from the Helpful Honda Sound Space right here on Audacy.

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