Noel Gallagher actually sat for 'a spot of brunch' with the 'Table Manners' podcast: Listen now

'The more I do it, the more I wanna do it'
Noel Gallagher
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On a brand new episode of Table Manners, music legend Noel Gallagher joined Jessie and Lennie Ware for a spot of brunch and a chat about his new album, Council Skies.

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Noel shared a few vital revelations — including that he always drinks tea with goats milk, he’s only ever had one driving lesson, and how he didn’t try a boiled egg until he turned 30. Plus how his favorite weekend of the year is getting pissed and watching the Eurovision Song Contest, and lots of talk about food. After that, Noel and the ladies finally got to talking about music.

First revealing one of the songs he’ll be singing on his upcoming tour with his band High Flying Birds was inspired by a lady he spent some time with who only drank strawberry lemonade, Gallagher also discussed his b-sides and sharing behind the scenes stories of when and where he’d written certain songs.

Finally getting into his newest album, Noel noted that songwriting “is a constant transient thing,” of just “picking up influences and dropping little bombs along the road of life,” that “some people get… and some people don’t… It doesn’t have to mean everything to everyone.”

Sharing he spent lockdown writing three albums worth of songs, 34 in total, for Noel songwriting, aside from his children, “is the thing that gives me the greatest sense of worth… and place in life.”

With admittedly no other hobbies or interests, Noel expressed his obsession with writing, noting “the more I do it, the more I wanna do it,” and he does every day.

For all of that and more including some Oasis talk, listen to the entire episode above.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Kate Green/Getty Images