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The rapper has new music just around the corner and reveals his full length album is in the works

After the release of “Let Her Go,” in 2019, The Kid LAROI’s career began reaching new heights. The Australian native worked closely alongside Juice WRLD, gaining further traction after releasing “Go,” which featured the late rapper.

Having had a 2020 filled with success alongside the release of his mixtape, F*** Love, and his debut EP, F*** LOVE (SAVAGE), The Kid LAROI is absolutely on top and delving into 2021 with a plethora of new projects to look forward to.

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The artist, who was most recently endorsed by Sir Elton John himself, sat down with RADIO.COM’S Julia to give us a look into what we can expect next and how he is crafting The Kid LAROI sound.

In December of 2020, the artist bestowed F*** LOVE (SAVAGE) upon us, which not only served as an EP introduction to The Kid LAROI, but also boasts features from Machine Gun Kelly, a posthumous Juice WRLD, Marshmello, and more.

It has been said that LAROI simply cannot make a bad song, and when asked if that sentiment adds any pressure to his career the “Tragic” rapper tells us he just doesn’t let outside buzz get to him. “I feel like the moment you start thinking about that stuff too much that’s when it takes away from the music,” the artist insightfully shares.

With new music just around the corner, The Kid LAROI has been teasing the arrival of new work across social media. He tells us it's different than previous releases, with a more upbeat sound. LAROI reveals that the new track was produced by DJ Mustard and that he hopes people like it.

While releasing new music, LAROI has also been involved in the world of streaming. The artist used to frequent the platform Caffeine, but after taking a break from streaming he is finally returning to Twitch. LAROI tells us that he loves streaming because it serves as an opportunity to connect with fans.

Most recently, LAROI gave us a glimpse into what could be next, after sharing photos on Instagram where he and Justin Bieber were working in the studio together.

Additionally, the seventeen-year-old shares with us that he will “most definitely” be releasing the fan-favorite track, “Stay,” sometime soon. But in the meantime, he is currently working on his first full-length studio album. “I’m experimenting with different sounds and stuff like that, and yeah hopefully something good comes out of it,” shares the rapper.

Check out The Kid LAROI's full interview above.

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