Giordano Goes Inside Loudoun County, VA School Board Dispute Over Sexual Assault Allegations

The Dom Giordano Program | October 14, 2021
Photo by Getty Images’s Ian Prior on Allegations Against Loudoun County, VA School Board

Ian Prior, co-founder of and head of, rejoins the Dom Giordano Program to take us inside the distress playing out at school boards in Virginia. Prior and Giordano discuss allegations levied by a father in the Loudoun County school district, who claimed that a gender-fluid student sexually assaulted his daughter. After reporting the incident to police and the school district, this parent alleges that the school board did everything in their power to push the situation under the rug for political purposes. The incident made national news after the father had to be removed from a meeting in handcuffs after getting into an altercation with a pro-LGBT activist. Prior tells us about the situation, and tells us what the school board has said in response to the allegations. In addition, Prior updates the climate surrounding the gubernatorial race in Virginia between Terry McAuliffe and Glenn Youngkin, and tells what he and his organization hope to do in response to the allegations levied by the Loudoun County, VA father.

U.S. Freedom Flyers Push Back Against Vaccine Mandates In Airline Industry

Jason Kunisch, a 20-year commercial airline pilot and member of the U.S. Freedom Flyers, joins the Dom Giordano Program to discuss issues playing out in the airline industry, after Southwest Airlines cancelled over a thousand flights over the past weekend due to, what they claim, as ‘weather issues.’ Giordano notes that there has been a lot of pushback against vaccine mandates in the industry, which has gone largely unreported, which could also contribute to the necessity to cancel flights. Kunisch explains the qualms that many pilots have with the mandates that are being forced upon them, and tells of the purpose of U.S. Freedom Flyers and what the organization hopes to accomplish.

Owners of Maggio’s Wants Workers to Get Back to Work

Sam and Josh Schubert, co-owners of Maggio’s, a family-run restaurant in Southampton, join the Dom Giordano Program after providing an interview to ace columnist J.D. Mullane in the Bucks County Courier Times. The Schuberts first told J.D. about a situation unfolding in their business as demand continues to grow to a level that can no longer be supplied. Maggio’s, a long-time staple in the Philadelphia suburbs, used to have a 22-page menu and has had to cut it back down to about 4 pages. The Schuberts explain that the menu has had to be reduced to such a level because prices for ingredients have skyrocketed to such a level that they could no longer sustain their business. The Schuberts explain the hiring issues they’ve also suffered through, and explain that the only way for businesses to prosper is for workers to get back to work.

Pastor Bill Devlin on Archbishop Broglio’s Exemption Announcement for Catholics in Military

Pastor Bill Devlin, CEO of Octane Faith, returns to the Dom Giordano Program to discuss the concept of religious exemptions for vaccine mandates. This week, Archbishop Broglio of the Military Services, produced a press release this week noting that Catholic troops could refuse Covid vaccinations on the basis of religious grounds. Devlin and Giordano discuss the courage of Broglio to come out with such an announcement, and give their predictions as to what will happen to him now that he’s speaking out against the grain. Also, Devlin provides an update on his push to help those looking for religious exemptions as previously announced on the show, and tells of the results of writing such exemptions.