Readin', Writin', and Reason with Dom Giordano | Episode 33

The Advantages of Choice
Dom Giordano

Dom Giordano, WPHT host and former teacher, has dedicated much of his daily show toward parents who are taking it into their own hands to push back against school boards that have a negative impact on their children. This has culminated in a weekly podcast on education, Readin', Writin', and Reason, which has allowed wonderful relationships to develop between Giordano, educators, and parents throughout the country who are speaking out against overbearing school boards. This week, Dom spends time speaking with those in the know, people who have experienced much of what we're seeing first-hand before, and have fought back in their own ways.

This week, Dom is first joined by Denisha Merriweather, Director of Public Relations at the American Federation for Children and Founder of Black Minds Matter. Merriweather joins Readin’, Writin’, and Reason to discuss a piece she penned in support of school choice for the Washington Examiner. The issue, which has been used as a wedge issue in the realm of political debate on racial topics, is often talked down upon by Democrats and has been eluded to as outright racist. Merriweather explains the benefits that advancing such a political cause would bring to communities of color, and offers why she believes the push against school choice remains consistent. For more from Denisha Merriweather, head to

Then, a listener favorite, Simon Campbell returns to Readin’, Writin’, and Reason for an update on the school board situation in Pennsbury, PA. Campbell, along with other citizens and the Institute for Free Speech, has filed suit against his local school board for overbearing tactics and First Amendment violations by board leaders and their solicitor. Campbell provides an update, and tells what his group hopes to accomplish in bringing the new lawsuit. For more on the lawsuit, head to