'85 Bear McKinnon: Ditka Had Bet On Refrigerator TD

(670 The Score) It has long been a mystery of why Bears defensive lineman William "Refrigerator" Perry got the call to score on a 1-yard touchdown plunge instead of star running back Walter Payton in the third quarter of Chicago's victory against the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XX on Jan. 26, 1986.

Well, one of the 1985 Bears has his theory. Former receiver Dennis McKinnon is adamant that coach Mike Ditka had placed a prop bet in Vegas for Perry to score a touchdown in the Super Bowl.

"Absolutely," McKinnon said when asked if he truly believed that in an interview on the McNeil & Parkins Show on 670 The Score on Wednesday afternoon.

Wait, really?

"I was there," McKinnon said. "I had the game plan. I know what we'd been practicing the entire time for the Super Bowl -- he was not in the offensive game plan. To take Payton out and put him in? I know what the line in Vegas was. 

"Yes, I will tell you emphatically that Mike profited from taking Payton out and putting in Perry."

The odds for Perry to score a touchdown in the game at one point sat in the 750-1 range, the Tribune reported in September in a story about McKinnon. That mark reached 2-1 in some books by kickoff of the Super Bowl, the Tribune also reported.

McKinnon joined the McNeil & Parkins Show in part to promote his new book "Silky D Bares All," which was written with the late Chet Coppock. He also discussed why he believes the 1985 Bears offense didn't get enough credit and shared some strong feelings about how some former players are treated now by the organization. He also weighed in with his thoughts on the current Bears team and Mitchell Trubisky's uneven play.

Listen to the interview below.