The Time Electra Answered Rodman's Door Naked

(670 The Score) One of the most entertaining stories in the newest episodes of the "The Last Dance" that aired Sunday evening was the revelation that none other than Bulls legend Michael Jordan was the one to retrieve mercurial forward Dennis Rodman for practice after Rodman's infamous vacation to Las Vegas during the 1997-'98 season lasted longer than the 48 hours that the team had allotted him for the getaway.
As Jordan knocked on the door to Rodman's apartment and Rodman answered, Jordan saw actress Carmen Electra there as well. She was naked upon Jordan's arrival, she told the Los Angeles Times.

That wasn't uncommon when the Bulls went to Rodman's place to track him down for practice. Usually, it was assistant athletic trainer Wally Blase's job to go find Rodman, former Bulls center Will Perdue said on the Dan Bernstein Show on Monday.

And it was always an adventure.

"That happened on numerous occasions," Perdue said of the Bulls needing to go get Rodman for practice. "You obviously heard the voice of Carmen Electra. Well, Wally always tells the story about how one time when Dennis wasn't at practice and Phil felt it was necessary for him to be there, he sent Wally to get him. Wally went up, knocked on the door. The door was kind of cracked. As he knocked on it, it opened even farther. And he heard a female voice say, 'Hello.' And Wally said, 'Dennis?' And then he heard the female voice say, 'Wally?' And then Carmen Electra came to the door, opened the door and standing right in front of Wally was a buck naked Carmen Electra who stood there and had a casual conversation with him. He said it took everything in his body to not stare at her from the neck down. He was looking at the wall, he turned around and eventually Dennis popped out and they went to practice. And he also talked about how Dennis' living room was basically a bunch of mattresses. She thought nothing of it. She just stood there with the door open and had the conversation with Wally naked. And he was just like, 'Well this will be hard to top.'

"That happened a lot. The reason why Phil (Jackson) was so successful with Dennis was he just told Dennis when they made the trade, 'We don't always need you at practice, but the days we do, you'll know. And if you're not here, we'll come get you. But we do need you to show up for every game.'"