Trubisky Recalls Surprise Of His Bears Draft Selection

(670 The Score) On Tuesday night, ESPN re-aired the 2017 NFL Draft on its network. A day later, the No. 2 overall pick in that draft, quarterback Mitchell Trubisky, relived the surprising circumstances by which he landed with the Bears.
Trubisky joined former teammate and new Lions quarterback Chase Daniel's online video show, "Chase Chats," and recalled the unexpected fashion in which he was selected by the Bears. He received no phone call from the team beforehand informing him of its choice, instead first learning of his new destination of Chicago when NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced his name.

On that night, Trubisky was in the green room behind the stage in Philadelphia and stunned when the Bears traded up from No. 3 overall to No. 2 to select him.

"I had no idea Chicago was going to take me," Trubisky told Daniel on Wednesday night. "I was just as surprised as everyone else. So, the funny draft story was I never got a call. Usually, the team will call you and say, 'Hey, we're putting your name in. You're going to be the next one to come up on the TV.' So, (the Bears) trade up or whatever, and I'm back in the green room. And all the players and all the families were looking around.

"Nobody's phone is ringing. We're like, 'What's going on?' We're like, 'All right, it's nobody in here.' So, Roger Goodell does his thing and he says my name, and I'm still looking at the phone, and I just don't believe it. It was just a whirlwind after that. I hug my mom and dad and then my brothers and sister, and then you went up on the stage. 

"Didn't get a call. They forgot to call me. So, I didn't talk to them til I got off the stage afterwards, then I had to do all the media interviews. I was probably more surprised than everyone else out there.

"I mean, you got 10 minutes (to make the draft pick). Can I get a head's up?"

The 25-year-old Trubisky has been the Bears' starting quarterback for the last three seasons, appearing in 41 games during that span. Daniel was his backup for each of the past two seasons.

Daniel, who joined the Lions in free agency in March, didn't ask Trubisky about the Bears' upcoming season or the quarterback competition between Trubisky and veteran Nick Foles, who was Daniel's first guest on the video interview series.

Trubisky hasn't been made available to reporters since the end of the 2019 regular season.