What About Chicago Radiothon

The Radiothon will benefit former Chicago Bear Sam Acho's charity Athletes for Justice and the Austin Harvest food mart in the Austin neighborhood of Chicago.
What About Chicago Radiothon
Event Information:
Wednesday, June 23, 2021
9:00 AM CT
670 The Score Studios

Chicago, IL

On Wednesday, June 23rd, The Score's Danny Parkins will broadcast for 24-hours to raise money and awareness for the Athletes for Justice's Austin Harvest food mart project. Austin Harvest is in the Austin neighborhood of Chicago and was originally a pop–up food mart that was a converted liquor store. The mart addressed a food desert in the city and was staffed as an after-school program three days a week by local kids. The program was successful and they want to build a permanent structure that can be open 7 days a week to fully service the community and employ more kids from the neighborhood. Athlete’s For Justice is a Chicago-based charity founded by former Chicago Bear Sam Acho.

What About Chicago is a play on words on the bad faith question asked by people who don’t care about Chicago. They ask it to point out problems in our city as a means of deflecting from real issues often implying or directly stating that the people of this great city aren’t working every day to improve it. We wanted to answer that question defiantly and show that there are plenty of Chicagoans doing everything they can to improve our city. Athletes for Justice is a Chicago-based charity made up of Chicago athletes making a difference locally. 670 The Score is a Chicago station made up of Chicagoans who also want to make a difference. That is the Chicago we know and through this radiothon, we want to promote that message to the masses.