Bears' Jaylon Johnson on Jack Sanborn's strong play: 'He's not scared of the moment'


(670 The Score) Bears linebacker Jack Sanborn has made the most of his opportunity since moving into a starting role after Chicago traded star linebacker Roquan Smith to Baltimore in late October, and Sanborn’s teammates have certainly taken notice.

An undrafted free agent who signed with the Bears last spring, Sanborn has 54 tackles and two sacks in the past five games and seems set to be a contributor and keeper for the defense as the front office evaluates for the 2023 season.

“It’s crazy, because for me, it’s one of those things where I don’t how productive somebody is until like, I don’t want to say after the season, but until like I hear some stats,” Bears cornerback Jaylon Johnson said of Sanborn on the Parkins & Spiegel Show on Monday evening. “I would’ve never guessed he had nine tackles in the first half (against the Packers on Sunday) until you kind of said things like that. So for me, it’s like once I go back and watch film, it’s showing up. It’s one of these things where he’s in a sense still young, but he’s so aggressive. He’s not scared of the moment. And I feel like at times, there may be some things where he’s not in the right position or different things like that, but it just comes with that position and being in the middle and going against the quarterback and being that Mike linebacker, I feel like there’s a lot of things that go into it. But I feel like he’s taken it on headfirst. I feel like he’s been making plays in the run and the pass. I feel like he’s been showing up. It just goes to his character, his preparation that he’s been doing all year. He clearly hasn’t played too much except for special teams until Roquan got traded, and then he took on that role. It wasn’t nothing that he had to learn so much of because I feel like he absorbed so much from Roquan and he observed and had a lot of mental notes. And when he got into the game, it was more so just now physically executing it.

“I feel like he’s definitely done a really good job of preparing, and I feel like the sky is his ceiling. He can go as high as he wants to go with it. And once he keeps going and building and preparing and getting more confident, I feel like there’s not anything that he won’t be able to do.”

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