Parkins shares his open letter imploring Deshaun Watson to join Bears

Watson would have the chance to be a legend if he joined the Bears.

(670 The Score) While all early indications – as well as logic when assessing draft capital – suggest the Bears are on the outer fringe of the trade sweepstakes for Texans star quarterback Deshaun Watson, that doesn’t mean we can’t dream in Chicago.

And dreaming is exactly what Score afternoon host Danny Parkins has been doing. Feeling the need to do his part to sell Watson on the Bears and the city of Chicago, Parkins wrote and then read on air an open letter to Watson.

There’s no doubt, it came from the heart. Check it out below or in the video above.


I’ve been following you ever since you threw your first pass at Clemson, replacing Cole Stoudt. I remember the six TDs in your first college start and was in the stands for the first title game against Bama when they had to onside kick to keep you from getting back on the field. My wife went to Clemson, so I watched every game. I’ve known you were going to be great since that first year.

I wanted the Bears to draft you in 2017. And when they traded up, I was positive your name was going to be called. We all know what happened next … and what has happened since.

But this isn’t about me. I’m a Chicagoan, and I want to implore you to consider the Bears when frankly they haven’t done much to deserve it.

This is a football town second to none. The legendary ’85 Bears, this city’s last Super Bowl champion, are treated like royalty to this day. But you would give this city something it has never had, something not even that all-time team could provide – a star quarterback.

The Bears have never had a quarterback throw for 4,000 yards. You’ve done that in two of your three full seasons. The Bears have never had a quarterback throw for 30 touchdowns. You eclipsed that total with ease last year.

The second you became a Bear, you’d become the best quarterback in the history of this city.

Don’t worry about the cold. That doesn’t stop the best from lighting up the scoreboard. Don’t worry about them not meeting with you in the past.

Matt Nagy is in charge now. Ask your buddy Pat Mahomes about him. He’ll tell you Nagy isn’t the problem here. In fact, he once said, “Nagy was great with me and my transition to the NFL, being able to relate to me. Being able to let me go out there and play fast and be who I am.”

Also, I know all about your charity work and how you’ve helped your mom and the people in your inner circle your whole life. This city respects that and is always looking for people of influence to help out. There’s plenty of work to be done here, and you could make a meaningful difference in a city that needs it. Chicago would never take you for granted.

You’d have the coach, the city and a shot at sports immortality.

You old coach Dabo Swinney said before the draft that passing on you would be like passing on Michael Jordan. Well, we reaped the benefit of a team passing on MJ once upon a time and parlayed that into the great team in the history of sports. The Bears made the mistake of passing on you once. But if you let them correct that mistake, you could own this city like Jordan did in the ‘90s. And if you bring this city a Super Bowl, you’ll reach a stratosphere that only guys named Michael and Walter ever have in this town.

At least think about it. You see, for my money, Chicago is the best city in the world. It has everything, except a quarterback.