Kyle Long believes Bears 'will stop at nothing' in pursuit of Russell Wilson or Deshaun Watson in trade

While Long admitted he has no inside information, he envisions the Bears making a big deal.

(670 The Score) Former Bears offensive lineman Kyle Long envisions his old team making a major move at quarterback this offseason.

While Long admitted he has no inside information on the matter, he believes the Bears will be major suitors in a potential trade for Seahawks star quarterback Russell Wilson or Texans star quarterback Deshaun Watson. Long explained his belief while on the Parkins & Spiegel Show on 670 The Score on Friday.

"I do understand the position that Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy are in," Long said. "It's one that many a coach and GM have been in before. I mean, Chicago is one of the greatest cities in the world when it comes to food, sports, people, all that, and I think they deserve to have a winning team and I think the fans deserve to have that level of entertainment week in and week out.

"It's a quarterback-driven league, and I think Ryan understands that. I think Matt understands that. I think they will stop at nothing to make sure they bring in a guy who they think will catapult them to the playoffs year in and year out."

The Bears have a void at quarterback after allowing Mitchell Trubisky, the No. 2 overall pick in 2017, to become an unrestricted free agent this offseason. Wilson and Watson are seen as potential trade candidates after expressing frustration with their current organizations.

Trades in the NFL can become official on March 17 at 3 p.m. CT, but agreements can be reached before then.