If you need to get in touch with new Bears running back Trestan Ebner, call his sister, who always saves the day


(670 The Score) New Bears running back Trestan Ebner might need to upgrade his cell phone plan.

On one of the biggest days of his life, Ebner was late to the party in learning that the Bears had chosen to select him in the sixth round of the NFL Draft last Saturday. That’s because his phone wasn’t working during his draft party in a rural area. After multiple calls from his agent and the Bears didn’t connect to him, the big news was delivered to his older sister, Tiana Boone.

“Her phone worked,” Ebner said Friday at Halas Hall. “The Bears called my sister.”

Tiana got a good laugh out of it after her initial frustration of her younger brother failing to listen to her.

“At first, I was frustrated,” Tiana said on the Parkins & Spiegel Show. “Because I had already told him like five times to get where his phone works. And I kept making him move around, but he kept going back to the same spot. And his agent texted me, ‘Make sure he’s by a phone that works.’

“So we were actually over there, we were sitting just looking at messages come through about negotiations and stuff. I walked off for like three minutes to go talk to my mom about what we were reading, and my phone rang as soon as I got by my mom. So I picked it up. And he was like, ‘Hey Tiana, this is Trestan’s agent’ – his name is Ron – ‘and the Chicago Bears’ (on the call) … So I ran up to him and I was screaming. I kind of gave it up before they got to talk to him.”

Tiana explained that Trestan was in such shock upon learning he’d been drafted that he could hardly remember what happened when he hung the phone up.

“He didn’t even know who he talked to honestly,” Tiana said. “He knew, but he didn’t. He looked at me and was like, ‘Was that the Bears?’

“We all started screaming. We were excited.”

Ebner is from Henderson, Texas and attended Baylor. Tiana playing a key role in her brother’s football business is nothing new. She was quite involved when he was being recruited by various colleges, as coaches would get in touch with her to check on Trestan and talk to him.

“It’s always been that way,” Tiana said. “When he got offered by Baylor, they actually called me first. And I did the same thing – I ran home to tell him.

“It’s always been me, everybody calls. Because Trestan, for some reason, his phone never works at the right time.”

The whole family was thrilled to learn Trestan had landed with the Bears.

"I know he's ready," Tiana said. "I know he's been waiting for this."

Featured Image Photo Credit: Jay Biggerstaff/USA Today Sports