Lane Kiffin threatens to pay $25,000 fine in pennies


Lane Kiffin's thoughts on SEC officiating will cost him a pretty penny -- 2.5 million of them, to be exact.

The Ole Miss coach was slapped with a $25,000 penalty for criticizing conference officials on social media -- and vowed he wouldn't go down without a fight in response.

Kiffin, 45, again took to social media -- this time threatening to invoke the fine American tradition of paying unjust fees with a massive load of pennies.

Best still, Kiffin's calculation on exactly how pennies he'd need required not one but two corrections.

Kiffin -- previously the head coach at Florida Atlantic, USC and Tennessee, as well as a brief ill-fated stint with the Oakland Raiders -- was fined for retweeting a self-described Ole Miss alum who referred to SEC officiating as a "disgrace."

Kiffin and Ole Miss fans were protesting what appeared to be a botched call in Saturday's game against conference rival Auburn.

An Auburn kick returner appeared to fumble a kick in his own end zone in the fourth quarter, potentially allowing Ole Miss to recover it for an easy touchdown -- but the officials ruled the Auburn player had never touched the ball.

The Tigers went on to win, 28-27.

The SEC later conceded that the officials should have at least reviewed the ruling on the field, which they never did.