NFL reporter Ian Rapoport pours cold water on Drew Brees return speculation after workout video


"Something must be brewing," but it's probably just the coffee that Drew Brees drank before his impressive workout, a video of which went viral, as opposed to any sort of plan to play in 2021.

The video, originally posted by fitness coach and trainer Todd Durkin, stirred up some speculation and rumors, which were likely based more in fan excitement than any actual reason, but Saints fans who want Brees back at the helm probably shouldn't get too riled up about them.

NFL Network's Ian Rapoport made sure to quiet all the buzz and pour cold water on any rumors on "NFL Now" on Monday morning.

"I have not gotten any sense at all that Drew Brees is doing anything but retiring," Rapoport said. "We know that, of course, the contract situation — remember he reduced his salary to about a million dollars just for cap reasons to give the Saints a little more space — he's not playing for a million dollars in 2021. In fact, I would not expect him to play anywhere, at all, in 2021 except maybe play around in the TV booth, which is coming.

"My understanding of the situation is he just wants to do it when he is ready to deal with it and admit to it. That's probably the best way to say it."

Can you blame the guy? He's spent the last 20 years playing more than 300 total games of football, and walking away can't just be an easy, emotionless move. Heck, I rented a house with my friends for the past year and hated it, and even I felt a little bit nostalgic when I shut the door for the last time and moved onto my next residence.

Here, we're talking about two decades of undying support from the Saints fan base — and some from the Chargers — and it might take some time for him to come to grips that he'll never take the field again. What Rapoport wants us to know, though, is that... well, he'll never take the field again.

For now, though, we should just give him time to make that final decision and look toward his non-playing future.

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