Predicting Each Uniform Combo for the 2020 Falcons Season


Some of the biggest buzz the Falcons created this offseason came with the unveiling of their new uniforms in April. Now with the 2020 NFL schedule unveiled, we take our best guess at predicting how the Falcons look for each game.

WEEK 1 vs. SEATTLEBlack Jerseys & Black Pants

Week 1 Possible Atlanta Falcons Uniform ComboAtlanta Falcons
The Falcons’ revamped uniform concept centered around the black jerseys & the black pants as being the traditional look. Seattle wore dark pants for their visit to Atlanta last year while the Falcons wore their throwbacks with white pants, but we forecast the primary look for the first Week One opener at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

WEEK 2 @ DALLASGradient Jerseys & Black Pants

Week 2 Atlanta Falcons Potential Uniform ComboAtlanta Falcons
They say “everything is bigger in Texas” and there’s no better place to make a big statement with the Falcons’ most “fashion-forward” uniform. Since Dallas wears white at home, we feel the Falcons will get zesty and pick their new alternate jerseys.

WEEK 3 vs. CHICAGOBlack Jerseys & White Pants

Week 3 Possible Atlanta Falcons Uniform ComboAtlanta Falcons
A return home against Chicago means the Falcons debut a third different look. Since Chicago prefers to wear dark pants on the road, Atlanta goes with the white pants at home to provide a contrast.WEEK 4 @ GREEN BAYWhite Jerseys & White Pants

Week 4 Possible Atlanta Falcons Uniform ComboAtlanta Falcons
A classic venue like Lambeau field calls for the classic road look against the Packers on Monday night football. Since the Packers wear gold pants at home, Atlanta can wear white without worry.

WEEK 5 vs. CAROLINABlack Jerseys & Black Pants

Week 5 Possible Atlanta Falcons Uniform ComboAtlanta Falcons
A divisional game means an all-business approach for the Falcons against the Panthers. The initial statement unveiling the jerseys said that black-on-black would be the primary home look, thus it will be for Atlanta in Week Five.WEEK 6 @ MINNESOTAWhite Jerseys & Red Pants
Atlanta Falcons
While both teams wore white pants when they debuted the season against each other in 2019, the Falcons now have the option of wearing red pants on the road. We feel they make their debut in the land of 10,000 lakes.

WEEK 7 vs. DETROITBlack Jerseys & Black Pants

Week 7 Possible Atlanta Falcons Uniform ComboAtlanta Falcons
The Lions have only one pair of trousers in their uniform catalog (grey), so the Falcons wear their black pants at home with their standard black tops.

WEEK 8 @ CAROLINAWhite Jerseys & White Pants

Week 8 Possible Atlanta Falcons Uniform ComboAtlanta Falcons
Thursday Night Football typically provides some uniform wackiness or “Color Rush” for the home team, while the road team is stuck with white tops & bottoms. This will be the case for the Falcons in their return engagement with the Panthers.

WEEK 9 vs. DENVERThrowback Black Jerseys & White Pants (Throwback helmet decal)

Week 9 Possible Atlanta Falcons Uniform ComboAtlanta Falcons
While Falcons fans don’t care to remember the result of Super Bowl XXXIII, they will call on the past for their throwback uniforms in this contest. The Falcons wore black tops and grey bottoms in that matchup in Miami, they’re hoping for a different result with the same tops.

WEEK 11 @ NEW ORLEANSWhite Jerseys & White Pants

Week 11 Possible Atlanta Falcons Uniform ComboAtlanta Falcons
The Falcons almost always wear white-on-white against their Bayou rivals, while the Saints normally wear black-on-black in the SuperDome when they host Atlanta. We expect no change there.WEEK 12 VS. LAS VEGASGradient Jerseys & Black Pants

Week 12 Possible Atlanta Falcons Uniform ComboAtlanta Falcons
The Falcons use this game against a team with black as their primary color to give the gradient red-to-black uniform its home debut. The Raiders typically wear grey pants with their white tops on the road.

WEEK 13 vs. NEW ORLEANSBlack Jerseys & White Pants

Week 13 Possible Atlanta Falcons Uniform ComboAtlanta Falcons
The Saints usually wear their black pants with the white tops in Atlanta, and the Falcons will contrast with the white pants and black jerseys. While there’s the temptation to use the throwbacks here as well, they could spin it as a “new future” with the ATL standard uniform.

WEEK 14 @ LA CHARGERSWhite Jerseys & Red Pants

Week 14 Possible Atlanta Falcons Uniform ComboAtlanta Falcons
One of the teams that also made noise with a uniform change in the offseason was the LA Chargers. They could use any number of combinations for Atlanta’s first trip to SoFi Stadium, we feel the red pants return here.WEEK 15 vs. TAMPA BAYBlack Jerseys & Black Pants
Atlanta Falcons
When Tom Brady comes to Atlanta for his first visit as a Buccaneer, we feel he will be greeted rudely, and the Falcons will wear their primary look.WEEK 16 @ KANSAS CITYWhite Jerseys & White Pants
Atlanta Falcons
The Falcons head to the home of the defending champions for their penultimate showdown of the season. We feel with the prominence of red in the Kansas City uniform scheme, they shy away from the red pants at Arrowhead.

WEEK 17 @ TAMPA BAYWhite Jerseys & Black Pants

Week 17 Possible Atlanta Falcons Uniform ComboAtlanta Falcons
The Falcons use White Tops & Black Bottoms for the first time in the season’s final game. Meant as a contrast, but also could provide some mojo for the visitors if a playoff berth is on the line.