Could Ozzie Albies return to Braves lineup sooner than expected?


Around the yard with 92.9 The Game Atlanta Braves insider Grant McAuley joined Dukes and Bell for his regular appearance on the show and talked about Ozzie Albies playing catch yesterday, could his return happen sooner than later?

When asked about Albies playing catch yesterday.

“Playing catch is a good thing I think because it means that the baseball activities are starting to show up again and I noticed with Ozzie the walking boot had been something he was in so he wasn’t quite as immobile as before. But as soon as he’s able to shed that full time and get himself back out there, start running start doing all those things again,” McAuley said. “We’re in the first week of August now, if you could get him back by the end of the month that’d really be something. But if he’s back early September I think you feel pretty good about where you’re at with him but there’s still going to be I think several weeks before you really know for sure what the timeline for Ozzie is going to be.”

McAuley talked about the timeline for Ozzie’s return once he goes for his rehab assignment.

“Once he goes out on a rehab assignment, for position players it doesn’t take as long as pitchers, particularly starters to get themselves all the way back like in the case we’re talking about with Soroka. But the sooner the better with Ozzie because I think he brings not only the production but also that energy and just as being a key component of this Braves club over the past few years you’d love to get that guy back in the trenches with this team for the stretch run.”