Will Travis Schlenk or Nate McMillian survive another disappointing season?

Pat Benson tells Nick Kayal last season’s run may have been “fool’s gold”

The NBA Playoffs are picking up steam and the storylines are growing within each series after every completed game.

Unfortunately, the Atlanta Hawks are not in any of the playoff headlines as they are back at home after losing to the Miami Heat in the opening round, 4-1.

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Will Travis Schlenk and Nate McMillian survive another season?
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NBA reporter Pat Benson told the Nick Kayal Show, that the Hawks, after making their magical run to the 2021 Eastern Conference Finals, “made the emotional mistake this past summer, when bringing back the same crew.”

“You can’t blame them” explained Benson, when elaborating on why the Hawks decided not to make any splashy changes to a young roster that surprised the NBA landscape in last year’s playoffs.

However, as the conversation went deeper, Pat and Nick both agreed that the Hawks probably made a big mistake not trying to find a second star to join Trae Young, either during the summer off season or the mid-season trade deadline.

Now the Hawks find themselves going into what Nick calls a “summer of reckoning”, with many questions to be answered.

“It’s an extremely consequential off season for them”, said Pat when agreeing with Nick that the Hawks will have to make some much needed changes to this roster.

But Pat was a little critical of Hawks management by saying, “I’ll believe it when I see it” in response to owner Tony Ressler’s comments from earlier in the week stating that the Hawks are willing to go into the luxury tax to acquire new talent for the roster.

Lastly, when Nick asked Pat to make a prediction to the future of GM Travis Schlenk and Head Coach Nate McMillian, Pat was confident when replying, “if they make another early playoff exit, everybody is up for re-evaluation.”

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