Should the Hawks seriously consider adding Ben Simmons?


The Atlanta Hawks are one of the best teams in the NBA offensively. They average 111.2 points per game, but are only 16-20 on the season. Most of that is due to just how pitiful they are on the defensive side of the ball. The Hawks give up 113 points per game, 5th worst in the entire NBA.

With an offense that is having no problem scoring but with a defense that is unable to slow down opponents, Hawks GM Travis Schlenk may be looking to make some changes before the trade deadline, and one idea is to bring over a defense-first player.

The saga of Guard Ben Simmons in Philly is certainly no secret, he's made public how unhappy he is, but if he were to join the Hawks, they might be in a special spot to take full advantage of his best traits while hiding his biggest weaknesses.

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Ben Simmons would have a clear role with Hawks
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"Right now they just want guys that are going to put forth effort on the defensive side of the ball. This team is built to shoot threes, but you're not even attempting to play defense. You'll take Ben Simmons," says Hugh Douglas. "You don't have to worry about him shooting, just play defense. I'll take that."

There is no question the kind of physical player Ben Simmons is and the tools he can bring to the court and with an offense that already is one of the more potent scoring units in the league, Simmons could add a much-needed presence on defense without pressure on him to score on the other end.