How Carson Beck's season could change with a quick start vs. South Carolina

Georgia quarterback Carson Beck
Georgia quarterback Carson Beck Photo credit © Joshua L. Jones / USA TODAY NETWORK

While the Georgia Bulldogs continue to be far-and-away the top ranked team in the country, their first two performances both included slow offensive starts that concerns some, and Radi Nabulsi of feels that part of the issue could be the nerves of QB Carson Beck.

"I see a guy who's nervous. He's played against two SEC teams in his entire career. This is the first time the lights are on him," says Radi Nabulsi. "When it's all on you and you can't avoid social media, it's the same exact thing Stetson Bennett dealt with. When he came back for year two knowing he wasn't going to get pulled, he's got it in the back of his mind that it has to work and it's going to take him a few games to settle in."

While Georgia has won their first two games by an average of 41.5 points, they've only scored as total of 7 point in the first quarter this season, and it would be nice to see the Dawgs get off to a quicker start, especially against an SEC opponent.

Featured Image Photo Credit: © Joshua L. Jones / USA TODAY NETWORK