Sammy Hagar Tells Fans to 'Suck It Up' and Wear a Mask

'Hopefully, this s*** will be over soon'

On again-off again Van Halen singer Sammy Hagar posted a photo on Instagram as he was leaving Guadalajara Airport on Monday, showing the “Red Rocker” donning a bright face mask and shades while in the terminal, adding the hashtag #WearYourMaskAgain, which slightly hints that’s he’s not too thrilled about it.

Then again, he also added the hashtag #tequila, so who knows?

As fans left their thoughts, the singer hopped into his comments section to answer questions, mostly about how he felt wearing the mask, since in the past he’s said that he would be comfortable performing before there’s a vaccine.

Hagar recently told Rolling Stone he would “rather personally get sick and even die, if that’s what it takes.” Since then he’s clarified his statement, telling People, “I did that interview May 8th when we were already several weeks into the stay-at-home, which my family and I took very seriously, and things were starting to look up, the curve was beginning to flatten... So when I was asked if I’d be comfortable enough to get back onstage before a vaccine was out, I was cautiously optimistic."

Sammy explained yesterday that he was wearing the mask in Guadalajara Airport at the request of police, and he wasn’t happy about it.

"Bet you have that huge Sammy smile under that dang mask,“ one fan said, to which he responded: “I definitely had the big smile under that mask earlier but at the time I was a little pissy," he wrote. "That’s why Kari took the photograph because I was standing in the middle of the room try not to touch anything or anyone. I hate this not being able to hug people.

While another fan asked if he would be so kind as to kick her anti-masker brother into mask-wearing gear, Sammy responded, "just tell him I hate to wear one too. But when you’re in certain situations you have to so just suck it up and f****** do it. Hopefully, this s*** will be over soon.”

Sammy had been in the country to prepare his Cabo Wabo restaurant for reopening amid the pandemic, and just few days ago posted from inside the venue as the finishing touches were being applied.

In other Van Halen news, the iconic band may have seen its final days of touring. Frontman David Lee Roth believes that Eddie Van Halen's health has turned for the worst and thinks the only way you'll see those classic songs live again will be on his solo tours.

Hagar is more optimistic, though. "Until Ed or Alex Van Halen die, they’re not finished," he told Rolling Stone in May. “Those are two great musicians that can friggin’ do as good as most people at half-mast."

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