Ed Bouchette: No Whispers On Winston And Forget Cam Newton

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Our Steelers Insider Ed Bouchette continues to downplay the rumors of James Winston being an option to be singed and brought in to be the backup for Ben Roethlisberger


He once again made  that very clear when he joined the Cook and Joe Show on Wednesday.


“Who is doing the whispering? I don’t think you hear any of that coming out of Pittsburgh,” Bouchette said. “If Winston would come for 5 million a year maybe they take a look but do you see that happening? I mean maybe he gets squeezed so much it could.”


Bouchette said if that would be a deal Winston would sign for then it’s worth a roll of the dice because if Mason Rudolph would beat him out you can just cut him.


He says he doesn’t see many other veteran options and you can forget Cam Newton


“Someone asked me if they should kick the tires on Cam Newton,” Bouchette added. “My God if they do that he will go back on injured reserve.”