Louisiana Sports Writer Jerit Roser

      The second hour of the show starts off with Paul talking on the hotline with Louisiana sports writer Jerit Roser. They talk about the NFL draft and focus on Joe Burrow. Roser looks at the rise in performance Burrow has had since his early college days and what his career path has been as an LSU Tiger. They break down Burrows 2019 Heisman winning season, and discuss some specific moments that stand out to them and offer their takes on why. Paul asks Roser about what it was like to cover Burrow and the feeling that the fan base had when they watched him play. They also look at what the fact that Burrow is likely going to be the number one draft pick and that it's probable that he will be signed by the Cincinnati Bengals. Paul and Roser offer their takes on how they think he will fit in with the Bengals offense, and debate if he'll be the right guy for the organization. They also look not only Burrow, but what challenges other draft picks could face in signing with new teams. They both agree that this could be a rough start for many players if training camps are cut short to COVID-19, because they won't have time to learn their new teams.