Antonio Brown says Burfict his didn't change him

Many point to the hit as a tipping point in the ex-Steelers' career

Currently out of work in the NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown is addressing the incident that many believe is the turning point of his career and life.

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During a playoff game in 2016, Brown was hit by then linebacker Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict with an ugly-looking hit, knocking Brown out cold.

That hit has been used by many to explain Brown’s erratic and bizarre behavior in the years since claiming, without evidence, he suffers from CTE.

But Brown himself is saying that’s not the case.

Speaking on the PBD Podcast, hosted by Patrick Bet-Davis, the host asked, “You’re saying you’re the same person you were before that hit and after that hit?”

Brown replied, “that’s what I’m saying . . . you try to take me back to a moment that you think got me acting this way.”

Brown then went on to list off some of his accomplishments as if to prove he’s the same from before the hit.

“I won a Super Bowl, the best player that you guys call the G.O.A.T. called me to come help him win the Super Bowl, I’m the number one receiver in the Steelers’ history,” said Brown.

Brown also seemed to indicate he walked away from the game to avoid CTE.

“People are saying I have CTE, but this is the same thing that’s killing players, we have players that recently just died from this issue . . . the same thing I walked off the field for, that I didn’t want to get CTE, it’s the same thing they put on me I got CTE to crazy,” added Brown.

CTE or Chronic traumatic encephalopathy brain deterioration caused by repeated blows to the head or concussions.

Featured Image Photo Credit: © Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports