Dunlap: Baker isn’t the long-term guy


Baker Mayfield isn’t the guy. Not long term at least. I mean, he’s better than what the Cleveland Browns have had in the past --- not really a high bar to reach --- but he isn’t going to be the quarterback who leads the franchise to any great riches.


Too fragile although he’s tough as can be. Guy just gets hurt too much.

He’s also someone I surely don’t count on in the most important situations to make the most important throws. I mean, is he for you? Be honest about all that. With the game on the line are you thinking Mayfield is going to string a bunch of throws together or he’s going to make that God-awful one in a key situation that either falls incomplete or gets picked off?

I know I count on the latter.

The Browns came into this season with a dilemma of sorts at quarterback and now nearing the end of October they have played six games, Baker is hurt and the picture isn’t any clearer as he has next season remaining on his contract --- in fact it could even be foggier than it was to start the season.

It wasn’t long ago people were seemingly counting just how much Mayfield would make in