Goalies brawl at center ice during epic fight in Wheeling

The Nailers figuratively and literally pounded Utah on Sunday

The Wheeling Nailers, the Pittsburgh Penguins minor league affiliate figuratively and literally beat up their competition on Sunday.

While the Nailers won the game by an impressive 6-1 score, the real fireworks happened with just a few seconds remaining in the game.

With 10 seconds to go in the game, a brawl broke out between all the players from the Nailers and Utah Grizzlies. Even the goalies got into it.

Nailers goalie Francois Brassard not only won the game but won the fight between Grizzlies goalie Kevin Carr delivering three straight punches.

Players on the Nailers bench were going nuts watching the two goalies go at it, while 10 other skaters traded jabs.

The Nailers are hitting the road this week but return home next week. If you are missing live hockey, the Nailers are allowing limited attances. Ticket information can be found on their website.