Penguins social media in hot water after apparently Photoshopping masks on fans

The doctored image seems to show the mask over the nose and mouth of two fans
Penguins Fans
Photo credit © Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: The Penguins have released a statement that the Penguins said the person that posted the image has been disaplined.

The Penguins Twitter account is in a bit of hot water online after commenters noticed what appears to be an altered photo to show fans properly wearing masks.

The original image, taken by Getty, shows one fan in the top right corner not wearing a mask and two other fans with the mask under their nose.

The photo posted by the Pens does not have the maskless woman in it and appears to have Photoshopped other two fans to show the mask over the nose.

Some fans were irate by the apparent Photoshop job, while others were a bit more understand but still say, “Do better. The first game back was understandably going to produce growing pains. Still, do better,” wrote one man.

To be fair, the photo captures one single moment of the fans during the game. With fans able to purchase concessions to eat and drink, it isn’t realistic that everyone would wear a mask for the entire game at all times, but it still brings into question why someone Photoshopped the image.

Other fans were just happy they are allowed back inside PPG Paints Arena.

We reached out the Penguins for comment but have not heard back as of yet.