Fleury gets Crosby good with epic prank

Locker room mischief from 'Flower'

Penguins fans and his former teammates still love Marc-Andre Fleury even though he has been bouncing around the NHL since he left Pittsburgh in 2017.

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One of the things “Flower” is loved for is his mischievous side. And He got his former teammate and friend Sidney Crosby pretty good during an NHL media tour event in Las Vegas.

The current Minnesota Wild goaltender arrived in the locker room before Crosby and proceeded to tape all of his gear together and put a cup of liquid under his helmet so it would fall on him when he went to get it.

The three-time Stanley Cup Champion said it was in retaliate on for when Crosby “filled his gear with gum last year.”

“Oh, Flower got me,” said Crosby when he arrived. “I should’ve beat him here.”

When Fleury returned to the locker room, he claimed innocence and that he had nothing to do with it.

“Wasn’t me though, I got here and it was like that,” said Fleury. “I was like oh, who would do that, you know like, that’s not nice,” with a smile on his face.”

“Watch your stuff bud, watch your stuff,” Crosby said to Fleury warning that another retaliation would be coming at some point.

Fleury may never dress up in black and gold, but he’ll always be a part of Pittsburgh…and annoying his former teammates with pranks.