Cherington: No one is 'untouchable' when it comes to trades

But don't expect Hayes or Reynolds to be dealt

When it comes to the Pirates at the trade deadline, two names that come to the top of the available list are:

1.    Second baseman Adam Frazier

2.    Relief pitcher Richard Rodriguez

But according to General Manager Ben Cherington there isn’t anyone on the team that is “untouchable.”

Now, that doesn’t mean someone like Ke’Bryan Hayes or prospects infielder Nick Gonzales and RHP Quinn Priester.

“There are guys that would be really hard and maybe even to the point of hard to imagine even considering doing anything with,” Cherington told The Fan Morning Show Friday. “I think generally thinking we want to stop short of talking about untouchables . . . I think there’s value for us in just learning and keeping the phone lines on and seeing what teams have to say.”

Cherington wouldn’t mention any names but said there are players who have value that is so high they plan on building with them, not dealing them.

Those players are likely Hayes and Bryan Reynolds.

While the phone lines may be open to reach Cherington and his staff with just about any other player on the current Major League roster, it appears it would take an astronomical haul (something no team would be willing to part with) to move Hayes and even Reynolds.