Najee Harris is A running back, not THE running back


The more he plays, the more we are seeing the kind of back Najee Harris is and it’s been average or below this season.

Take his foot injury and abdominal injury he suffered during the game on Monday night out of it, especially his foot… if he’s healthy enough to be out there, then he should be producing.

If not, then that’s on the trainers and coaching staff for allowing a hurt player to continue to take the field.

Harris continues to have the lowest average yards per carry.

Last night:

Najee Harris: 10 carries, 35 yards, average: 3.5
Benny Snell Jr.: 12 carries, 62 yards, average: 5.2
Anthony McFarland Jr.: 6 carries, 30 yards, average 5.0

“Why is it magically that everybody’s yards per carry are always more than his?” asked Colin Dunlap during the Fan Morning Show Tuesday.

Harris is the guy between 3.5 and 4.0 yards a carry and everyone else is higher.

Kenny Pickett doesn’t have the game he had last night if the Steelers don’t have a strong running game and as Dunlap says he doesn’t think the running game would be strong if Harris stayed in there.

He’s only in his second season, but when you have later-round draft picks and even undrafted players, in Jaylen Warren, running better than Harris, you need to maybe stop saying Najee is THE running back for the Steelers and more of A running back for Pittsburgh.

Featured Image Photo Credit: © Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports