If Tomlin and Canada won't do anything, Poni will step up with a 'good vibe mullet'


If Mike Tomlin and his coaches aren’t going to do anything to change the status quo with the Steelers offense, Andrew Fillipponi will.

The PM Team co-host went full Kenny Loggins at the beginning of Thursday’s show and started to rock a mullet wig.

“This is my Steelers good luck, good vibe mullet,” said Poni.

He says he will be wearing the mullet until the game ends on Thursday evening, and will keep it on even if he’s wife wants to get intimate, the mullet stays on.

“I don’t think you have to worry about that,” said his co-host Chris Mueller.

Poni adds if the Steelers beat the Browns, he will wear it next week against the New York Jets and the following week against the Buffalo Bills.

Fans have been frustrated with offensive coordinator Matt Canada play calling and through two games, nothing has really changed.

“I’m willing to wear a mullet because somebody’s gotta make a stand here and if Tomlin’s not willing to do it, Canada’s not willing to do it and [quarterback Mitch] Trubisky’s not willing to do it, I will,” said Poni. “This is what we need . .
. something that’s going to change the whole outlook of this thing.”

Mueller spent most the reveal trying to figure out who Poni looked like. Names included the previously mentioned singer Kenny Loggins, professional wrestler Shawn Michaels and Joe Dirt, played by David Spade.

Poni hopes the mullet sensation can grow with some Steelers wins. If the Steelers do win Thursday both Mueller and producer Donny Football said they would start wearing mullets as well.

Who knows, in a couple weeks Acrisure Stadium could look like a Ronnie James Dio concert.