Poni puts his balls on the line with huge Steelers/Browns bet

If the Browns finish better than the Steelers Andrew's testicles are in trouble

Andrew Fillipponi is putting his balls on the line.

The PM Team co-host is so sure that the Pittsburgh Steelers will finish ahead of the Cleveland Browns in the standings in the AFC North, he will give someone the opportunity to kick him in the testicles in a place like Market Square.

The person who gets to kick Poni in the balls will be the highest bidder to a charity that will be picked in the future.

To recap, If the Browns finish better than the Steelers in the standings, Poni will take a shot to his balls for charity.

“I will go there at the end of the season and I will for charity, I will give someone the opportunity to kick me in the balls in the public place as hard as they want, or can, to the highest bidder,” said Poni on Thursday’s PM Team.

Fellow host Chris Mueller was able to convince Poni to not wear a cup after Fillipponi suggested he be allowed to wear one.

Asking if he’s in trouble, Mueller says, “I think there’s a chance.”

Producer “Donny Football” said while he wouldn’t take the bet, he doesn’t think the Browns will finish better than the Steelers.

Even with Deshaun Watson returning in Week 12, Poni thinks with Watson missing so much time, he’ll be able to keep his balls safe.

Featured Image Photo Credit: 93.7 The Fan