Dunlap: The Steelers are the Cowboys of the AFC, and vice versa

Both organizations are being passed by

Another year and another season with the Dallas Cowboys not appearing in a championship game.

After losing to the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday in the Divisional Round, the Cowboys will have to wait at least another year to go to the NFC Championship Game.

The last time the Cowboys were in the game to send you to the Super Bowl was in 1995, when they beat the Steelers in Super Bowl XXX.

On The Fan Morning Show, co-host Colin Dunlap says the Cowboys are the Steelers of the NFL and vice versa.

“Art the second is just Jerry Jones with less expensive teeth,” said Dunlap. “I don’t know how else to say it, it’s the same organization . . . they’re build on nostalgia, they’re built on what they were, they’re built on a logo, they’re built in the past.”

Dunlap adds the reality is the NFL is passing up organizations like Dallas and Pittsburgh pointing to the Cincinnati Bengals with the chance to go to another Super Bowl next week.

The Steelers have won three playoff games over the past 13 years and the current streak of six seasons without winning a playoff game is the longest since before the 1970s.

“They’d rather tell you about Starbuach and Bradshaw and whomever than the reality of what’s happening right now,” said Dunlap.

The only different is the glitz and glamor and a giant stadium of the Cowboys and the Steelers use stability, hard work and a link to the old steel mills.

“Other places have leapfrogged them both, that’s just the reality,” added Dunlap.

Featured Image Photo Credit: © Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports