Rutherford 'tried as hard as I could' to get Fleury back in Pittsburgh

The former Pens GM covers multiple topics on the Pomp & Poni Podcast

Former Penguins general manager Jim Rutherford confirms that he worked hard to bring Marc-Andre Fleury back to Pittsburgh.

Speaking on the Hometown Roofing and Contracting Pomp & Poni podcast powered by Bowser Chevrolet of Monroeville, Rutherford said that he “tried as hard as I could, because I thought there was that possibility with where (Vegas) were at cap wise and they had signed the other goalie long-term.”

Rutherford said parting with Fleury after the 2017 season was purely financial and that it was hard to part with the now Golden Knights goaltender.

Rutherford says Fleury is one of the most genuine people in hockey, telling a story about the time Vegas came to Pittsburgh and lost 5-1. After the game, Rutherford’s 12-year-old son wanted to meet with Fleury but Jim said no, they had just got beat by the Penguins.

But Fleury sent someone to get Rutherford’s son and he sat with him for a while to talk, even after losing the tough game.

Rutherford says Fleury may currently be playing his best hockey and may even win another cup before his Hall of Fame career comes to an end.