Starkey wants to play golf with Colony, but doesn't think it will happen

Thanks to Bob Pompeani's golf clubs, Joe has been bitten by the golf bug

Joe Starkey has been bitten by the golf bug.

While he admits he is currently horrible at it, he says the few good swings he has when he plays keeps him motivated to get better.

You know you’ve made it as a player if you get to play a round with The Fan’s resident golf pro Jim Colony.

But Starkey says that Colony has been giving him the round around and doesn’t believe it’s ever happening.

“I heard him say I suck today, he said I suck,” said Starkey. Colony clarified saying, “I said I’m sure you’re’ not very good because you just started playing.”

Colony promises once the Penguins season ends (hopefully in July) he will go golfing with Starkey, Jeff Hathhorn and Chris Mueller.

Hopefully Starkey has a few months to improve his game before he’s out on the course with THE Jim Colony.

Jim Colony