What Will Happen For The Pirates Before Monday's 4 PM Trade Deadline?

93.7 The Fan's Pirates insider Jason Mackey with the latest

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan)- It’s August 31st and the MLB trade deadline is here...


Yeah, just another example of why it’s been a weird year in weird times as we celebrate the annual day of moves a month late. So what will happen for the Pirates between now and 4 pm today when the deadline officially hits?

The Fan Morning Show turned to 93.7 The Fan insider Jason Mackey Monday morning for an updated look at the latest.

“Adam Frazier is somebody I would expect to go. I think there was a market for him a couple months ago, I don’t think a month has done enough to change that. He, to me, is a fairly logical one.

I do expect them to trade Derek Holland. I know people look at that and say his stock is way down and they can’t get anything for him. But he’s a veteran, he’s done a lot of things, left-hander, can come out of the bullpen. It’s not going to be a sexy deal; it will probably be international bonus pool money.

Probably Richard Rodriguez or Chris Stratton, and I would lean toward the latter as somebody I’m looking at to probably go. I think other teams can find value in a guy like that.

The wildcard? Keone Kela. Can you get somebody to take him? They certainly want to trade him. It’d make sense for them to trade him. But the arms issues, he’s only pitched twice this year, he’s had a few things happen dating back to last season, I’m a little bit unsure on a feel on whether they’re going to be able to find a place to send him.”

Rumors have swirled already about the Blue Jays being interested in Trevor Williams and Chad Kuhl as well as the Braves being interested in Joe Musgrove. Could any of those arms be moved Monday?

“Yeah I think so. I could see a scenario where one or two of those guys move. I hope, personally, that it’s not Chad Kuhl. I think that’s the right move to hang on to him. But the Braves thing is certainly interesting.

I think one domino that you’re going to have to see fall is [Indians starter] Mike Clevinger and see what happens to the starting pitching market above Trevor Williams and Joe Musgrove. But there are certainly enough teams out there that need starting pitching, as there always is. Trevor Williams could help a team. Joe Musgrove could help a team.

The Braves, I mean, they have a rotation right now that has Josh Tomlin and Robbie Erlin [in it], I mean they could take both of them (Musgrove & Williams) and they have enough prospects in the system to make it worth the Pirates’ while. So I could absolutely see a scenario where that comes together.”

So what’s GM Ben Cherington’s approach here? Are they any players that are “untouchable” that he wouldn’t be willing to listen to offers on?

“I think when you say something like he did, basically saying, ‘There’s nobody you can’t ask about,’ I don’t think you say that lightly. So no, I don’t think he would shut down any conversation.

Everything I and others have garnered from Cherington is that he is very interested in building this team 3, 4 years out. So to move a guy like Oneil Cruz or Ke’Bryan Hayes, it just wouldn’t make sense for the Pirates. I don’t take that as them being interested in moving Cruz or Hayes if you have that conversation.

Cherington owes it to Pirates fans and the organization to listen, to learn what’s out there. Maybe there is a blockbuster deal that helps them 3 or 4 years down the road, but I don’t think he’s going around with any interest whatsoever in trading those guys because they are significant parts of the rebuilding plan.”