Company looking for adult to pay $1,000 to retake the SAT

Learner wants to see how adults perform on the exam compared to high school students
Photo credit smolaw11

Taking the SATs is one of the most stressful parts of a student’s life. Some may even call it the worst part of their high school experience. That’s why one company is looking to pay an adult $1,000 just to take the SAT one more time.

Virtual tutoring company Learner recently announced they are looking for an adult that would be willing to take the SATs again. The company is interested in seeing how adults perform on the exam compared to high school students. Of course, many adults forgot the things they learned in school, which is why the company will still pay the test taker the $1,000 even if they perform poorly.

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According to Thrillist, the person selected will take a multiple-choice SAT exam that includes the math, reading, and writing & language portions of the test. Those that want to relive the SAT torture can apply now on Learner’s website through June 6. Hopefully this time around isn’t as bad as it was in high school.

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