Toy company releases 'Karen' action figure so you can play 'speak to the manager'

Furious woman making hands gestures
Furious woman making hands gestures Photo credit Getty Images/Anetlanda

Just in time for the holidays, you can get the Karen in your life her very own action figure!

“Karen” has become a pejorative term for a woman perceived as entitled, expecting special treatment beyond what others might expect in a given situation. Often portrayed as demanding to 'speak to the manager,' when things don't go their way.

The Pennsylvania toy company Namespace wants to celebrate (and poke fun at) the Karens of the world with their own 3¾-inch tongue-in-cheek action figures.

And as a bonus, the Karen action figure will be sold alongside an overworked “Joe the Manager” figure for the bob-cut pain in the neck to hurl insults at.

Namespace sales manager Matt Jacquot said per the New York Post, “We’re looking for fun even in uncertain times like these, and with these two characters, we want to encourage positive change and even foster a little more tolerance.”

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